Note: For this to work, because of Access-Control-Allow-Origin, you need to use it on a web/localhost server..


Get Booking System Calendar on your iOS Device:

  • Step 1 - First you have to enroll for the iOS Developer Program (go to the iOS Dev Center)
  • Step 2 - After enrolling create a Certificate Signing Request which can be done by using OS X’s Keychain Access utility.
  • Step 3 - Create a Development Certificate.
  • Step 4 - Add a Device.
  • Step 5 - Create an App ID.
  • Step 6 - Create a provisioning Profile.
  • Step 7 - Configure the Project.
  • Step 8 - Build and Run.

Installation failed

If the booking calendar did not install properly please contact us on our Support Forums and we will debug the problem for you.