Back end - Calendar

Here you can see how to create a backend calendar and add availability, price, status, information for days.

  1. Set availability
  2. Calendar details

Important information

Availability is not set by default. Because of the big number of possibilities that exist, we cannot set a default for all business models. Follow the below instructions on how to create a calendar and set availability to it.

Set availability

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Set availability in a calendar

Booking System WordPress Plugin - Set calendar days availability in back end

  • Step 1 & 2 - To set availability you need to select first and last day you want to modify. To select one day click on it 2 times.
  • Step 3 - Set availability, price, status ...
  • Step 4 - Click Submit button to save the data you added.

Calendar details

Booking System WordPress Plugin - Back end calendars

Availability form
  • Button 1 - Submit form data. Click on it to set availability.
  • Button 2 - Reset (remove) selected period data. Click on it to remove availability.
  • Item 3 - The first day of the period selected to set availability.
  • Item 4 - The last day of the period selected to set availability.
  • Item 5 - Set selected days status.
  • Item 6 - Set selected days price.
  • Item 7 - Set selected days promotional price.
  • Item 8 - Set selected days number of items available. Leave it blank to not display any number. The default value is 1.
  • Item 9 - Set selected days information, which will be visible to the users.
  • Item 10 - Set selected days notes, which will be visible only to the administrators.
  • Item 11 - Group selected days into a single block. All data will be attributed to it.