Image Loader
jQuery Plugin

Getting Started

This jQuery Plugin is ideal to load, preload, and resize the images on your website. The Plugin is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones).

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How to use/install it

  • You can find an example in the source files, in the following folder sources/index.xml:

    Copy the folder ImageLoader somewhere on your server (preferably in the same folder with the page you want to add the gallery to).
    Add the following js files in the head section of your website: (any jQueary 1.3 or bigger will do) ImageLoader/js/jquery.dop.ImageLoader.js
    Note: The files can be anywhere on your server or web. Just make sure that they are loaded by your web page.

  • Add the plugin to a container:

  • You can give this options:

    1. 'Container': ''

    - set the container for the images that will be loaded; ideally to use it like this if you add the Plugin to classes;

  • 2. 'LoaderURL': 'ImageLoader/images/loader.gif'

    - set the path to the loader gif file;

  • 3. 'NoImageURL': 'ImageLoader/images/no-image.png'

    - set the path to the image that will be displayed if the initial path is invalid;

  • 4. 'LoadingInOrder': 'true'

    - set the value to true if you want to load the images one after another false otherwise;

  • 5. 'ImageSize': 'fill'

    - resize the image; none: does not resize the image;
    container: resizes to the width and height of the parent;
    fill: fills the parent and keep the proportions;
    proportionally: shows all the images from parent;

  • 6. 'ImageDelay': '600'

    - time in milliseconds for the fade effect;

  • 7. 'CacheBuster': 'false'

    - if true, it loads the image from the server and not the one from the cache;

  • 8. 'SuccessCallback': ''

    - enters the callback function for when the image is loaded;

  • 9. 'ErrorCallback': ''

    - enters the callback function for when the image is not loaded;


  • 1. Why does not the plugin work?

    The plugin files are not loaded on your page.
    If the gallery does not appear, it might be because there is a problem with the JavaScript in your website. If you cannot identify the problem, contact us, including in the message a link to the page where the problem appears. We will identify and fix the issue for you. However, we will not fix the problems that are not caused by this plugin.


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